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The Best Local Professional Tree Service in Willow Grove, PA

Trees are a beautiful addition right next to any well-built, beautiful home. Unfortunately, some circumstances can make trees gravely dangerous to your property and people walking by the street. Loose limbs can hang on power lines after a storm. They might even land on your roof, causing expensive roofing damage.


Before that can happen, hiring a professional tree service to trim or prune the limbs, branches and other overgrowth on nearby trees can save you thousands of dollars in damage. Don't wait for the next disaster before taking action – have the pros at Alpha 1 Tree Experts LLC check and prune nearby trees as necessary.

Our Service Areas

We've helped many homes with our professional tree service in Willow Grove, PA. But if you're in the following areas, we can definitely help you with your tree troubles.

  • Hatboro, PA

  • Horsham, PA

  • Bryn Athyn, PA

  • Jenkintown, PA

  • Glenside, PA

  • Warminster Heights, PA

  • Oreland, PA

  • Wyncote, PA

  • Maple Glen, PA

  • Rockledge, PA

  • Fort Washington, PA

  • Ivyland, PA

  • Ambler, PA

What Situation Qualifies for an Emergency Tree Pruning Service?

A professional tree service can offer emergency services when immediate action is required to mitigate potential hazards or damage trees can cause on your property or in the immediate area. These situations include instances where trees have been severely damaged by storms, high winds or other natural disasters, causing branches to hang precariously or the tree to lean dangerously.


Trees blown by hurricanes could have limbs hanging onto power lines, roads or structures and pose imminent risks and demand urgent attention. Next, dead or diseased trees with weakened limbs that could fall unexpectedly also warrant emergency pruning or trimming to prevent accidents or property damage.

Call the Pros In Willow Grove, PA Today!

Hire a professional tree service today by calling Alpha 1 Tree Experts LLC at (347) 516-0966 or by filling out this contact form. You'll have the best-equipped and highly-trusted experts keep your tree in shape and make your home look great without endangering you and your property.

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